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Family Sabbatical

We're planning 10+ years out, just want to stay motivated and learn from other families who do it over the years

Wendy's Birthday RTW 2014

What a fantastic trip! My advice is to go thru Abu Dhabi & stay over for the evening. Swim in the Arabian Sea, embrace the culture (& be respectful) - when I arrived in Sydney, it was like a NY/LA flight - ready to go!

my new trip

what am i looking at as far as flight prices for this trip. I am debating on whether to depart Korea for good, and dont know when I would have a chance to go to got to these locations from the US.
  • Departure:26 Jul 2017
  • Duration: 18 days
  • Adults: 1  
  • 1 comment

la to phi

Just a roundtripper to PHI from LAX
  • Departure:01 Dec 2016
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Adults: 1  
  • 1 comment

Europe Part A

Would like to drive in Part B from Athens through Europe then Get from Spain to Ireland then Back to Atlanta
  • Departure:04 Sep 2017
  • Duration: 25 days
  • Adults: 2  
  • 1 comment

Mac and max

Flights and adventure trips

around the world

want to spend about 3 months in Europe, but have stop overs on way to Europe and on way back to NZ
  • Departure:06 Apr 2017
  • Duration: 146 days
  • Adults: 1  


I want to travel in places which are unknown in the people
I want to feel both the cold and the warm weather I want to go everywhere
I lie the Crystal clear sea and also the adventures but not only that but and the romantic places for two

Family visit

My husband and I will be visiting a cousin in Perth and just really wanted to see Hawaii. I'm open to suggestion but not rich.
  • Departure:04 Sep 2017
  • Duration: 43 days
  • Adults: 1  

phi and davisĀ“s trip

this routes in close dates .
  • Departure:30 Nov 2017 (in 43 days)
  • Duration: 81 days
  • Adults: 1   Children: 1  

family round the world trip

Hi, I'd like to spend a year travelling with my husband and my 2 yr old son

Home for Christmas

Making it the cheapest route without heading through Montreal.


Gap year, travel, sport, study, working experiences.
  • Departure:06 Oct 2016
  • Duration: 337 days
  • Adults: 1  

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